A Guide to FT Island's Korean MVs (Warning: Spoilers)
  • Love Sick: The one in which foetus-island is sad.
  • FT Island (Let’s Go!): The one in which foetus-island is happy.
  • I’m Happy: The one in which the visual effects experimentation session was accidentally leaked.
  • Thunder + Only One Person Part 1: The one in which Minhwan and Hongki get beat up by thugs because of a girl.
  • A Man’s First Love Follows him to the Grave + Only One Person Part 2: Jonghun dies.
  • Until You Return + A Person Close to Tears: The one in which Wonbin and Hongki get beat up by thugs because of a girl.
  • Because I don’t Know How To Love: The one without FT Island.
  • I Think I Saw Love: Promotion.
  • After Love: The one with WET BOYS
  • Heaven ver. 1: The one with the cute Jongki water bottle scene.
  • Heaven ver. 2: Jaejin dies.
  • Girls Don’t Know: The one in which Hongki has good hair.
  • Please Don’t Love: (Was too poor to afford new MV so cut and pasted old MVs and released as new MV)
  • Bad Woman: The one with the oddly dramatic swinging boxes.
  • Missing You: This has an MV?
  • I Hope: The one with hipster-Island.
  • Love Letter: The one with Greek gods. Sort of.
  • Love Love Love: The one which is a creepy artsy-fartsy puppet metaphor.
  • Hello Hello: Hongki dies?
  • Like the Birds: The one with pretty colours.
  • Severely: Hongki dies.
  • I Wish: .
  • Memory: The one with the honorary concert cam and obligatory eye-candy close-up shots.
  • Madly: The one in which Jonghun runs.

(Source: cross-and-change)

(Source: cross-and-change)

Hongki at Trick Eye Museum in Singapore

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FNC Family on ‘Weekly Idol’ preview (0:15 and 0:23)

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